NEMONYMOUS in first five years:

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Design, typesetting, printing: Andy Cox  (1,2,3,4,5)

Cover Design: Garry Nurrish (1, 2)

Artwork on 3: JaNell Golden

The first issue of Nemonymous appeared in November 2001. The missing bylines below were announced six months later, in Nemonymous Two. This anthology was arguably the world’s very first self-contained anonymous collection of multi-authored stories.
“A Smile in the Sky”, Gary Couzens
“The Friends of Mike Santini”, Terry Gates-Grimwood
“The Quiet House”, Allen Ashley
“With Arms Outstretched”, Daniel Pearlman
“Breaking Rules”, Avital Gad-Cykman
“The Gravedigger”, Lawrence Dyer
“Alone”, Shawn James
“The Idiot Whistled Dead”, Simon Clark
“The Unmiraculous Life of Jackie Mendoza”, Tamar Yellin
“Across the Hills”, Tony Mileman
“All for Nothing”, Rhys Hughes
“Double Zero for Emptiness”, Mike O’Driscoll
“Strobe”, Paul Kane
“Balafer de Vie”, Lida Broadhurst
“Mansions of the Moon”, Jeff VanderMeer
“Gamlingay Churchyard”, A. D. Harvey

 Nemonymous Two came out in May 2002 and is the first to disclose the names of those published in the previous issue. It features a a story of roughly four and a half blank pages titled “Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds”, arguably the first formal blank story ever published. There is also the now legendary ‘Emmanuel Escobada’ story that still remains anonymous at the request of its author.
“Climbing the Tallest Tree in the World”, Rhys Hughes
“Mighty Fine Days”, Antony Mann
“The Assistant to Dr Jacob”, Eric Schaller
“Buffet Freud”, Dawn Andrews
“Ice Age”, Iain Rowan
“The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada”, Anonymous
“Berenice’s Journal”, Richard Gavin
“Showcase”, Sarah Singleton
“Eyes Like Water, Like Ice”, Jai Clare
“Earthworks”, Simon Kewin
“Striped Pajamas”, Margaret B. Simon
“The Drowned”, Joel Lane
“Adult Books”, Robert Morrish
“Nothing”, John Travis
“The Secret”, G. W. Thomas
“A Spot of Tea”, Janet L. Hetherington
“White Dream”, Neil Bristow
“Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds”

Nemonymous Part Three (gold coin)

Subtitled A Megazanthus for Short Fiction and released in April 2003 with cover art by JaNell Golden.

  • “The Bluest of Grey Skies”, Michael Kelly
  • “Practice”, Jeff Holland
  • “Genie”, Tamar Yellin
  • “Gerald and the Soul Doctor”, David J. Brown
  • “Otterwise”, Lucy A. E. Ward
  • “Sirens”, Brendan Connell
  • “The Rest of Larry”, Monica O’Rourke
  • “The Ballerina”, Lavie Tidhar
  • “Shark in a Foggy Sea”, Colin Hains
  • “Scrounge”, David Mathew
  • “Twilight Music”, Regina Mitchell
  • “Mobile, Phone”, Brian Howell
  • “The Small Miracle”, Rhys Hughes
  • “Digging for Adults”, D Harlan Wilson
  • “Insanity Over Creamer’s Field”, Joe Murphy
  • “Warp”, Len Maynard and Mick Sims
  • “Sleeping Beauty”, Tom Williams
  • “Lucia”, Paul Evanby
  • “In the Steam Room”, Tamar Yellin
  • “Chemo”, Terry Gates Grimwood
  • “The Place Where Lost Things Go”, Jorge Candeias (translated from the Portugueseby Luís Rodrigues)

Nemonymous Part Four (Glass Onion): A Megazanthus for Parthenogenetic Fiction and Late-Labelling was published in May 2004 and comes in completely white covers, with no lettering on the outside save for the words “nemonymous part four” on the spine.

  • “Apologising to the Concrete”, Jay Lake
  • “Creek Man”, Jamie Rosen
  • “The Death Knell”, S. D. Tullis
  • “Determining the Extent”, Adrian Fry
  • “Embrace”, Keith Brooke
  • “The Frog’s Pool”, Jetse de Vries
  • “Generous Furniture”, Trent Jamieson
  • “Leaves Like Hearts”, Rachel Kendall
  • “Like a Slow Motion War”, Allen Ashley & Andrew Hook
  • “My Burglar”, Gary McMahon
  • “Maledict Michela”, Brendan Connell
  • “Nocturne for Doghands”, Joe Murphy
  • “The Painter”, Dominy Clements
  • “The Rorschach-Interpreter”, D Harlan Wilson
  • “Sexy Beast”, Tony Mileman
  • “Vole Mountain”, Andrew Hook
  • “The Withering”, Bruce Golden

Nemonymous Five is designed in red, being a Dickian version of the old-fashioned memo books which can be found in the United Kingdom. “NEMO BOOK,” as it is titled, was released in July 2005 and contains the following stories:

  • “The Robot & The Octopus”, Tony Ballantyne
  • “Driving In Circles”, Iain Rowan
  • “Running Away to Join the Town”, Paul Meloy
  • “Solid Gold”, Rachel Kendall
  • “George the Baker”, Anonymous
  • “The Hills Are Alive”, S. D. Tullis
  • “Huntin’ Season”, Monica O’Rourke
  • “Well Tempered”, Neil Williamson
  • “The Scariest Story I Know”, Scott Edelman
  • “New Science”, Gary McMahon
  • “Soul Stains”, Robyn Alezanders
  • “Grandma’s Two Watches”, Lavie Tidhar


Nemonymous Six doesn’t actually exist, and it probably never will. “The Non-Existent Edition,” as it’s dubbed by the editor, was announced in May 2006 as existing in the tradition of stories such as ‘The Vanishing Life and Films Of Emmanuel Escobada’, ‘Four minutes thirty-three seconds’ and ‘Mighty Fine Days’ (in Nemonymous 2) and ‘The Painter’ (in Nemonymous 4), plus the blank cover of Nemonymous 4 and other features of previous editions.
Nemonymous Six is a drogulus.

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Nemonymous Knights

Two coincidental but separate events in recent days exhuming the 2001-2010 NEMONYMOUS phenomenon in a potentially significant way… LINKED BELOW:


(1) Nonexistent Knights: Italo Calvino, Richey Edwards and the Identity of the Writer – “Thinking about it now, Nemonymous sounds like a fantastic idea –”

(2) Orthogonal is seeking high-quality fiction stories. Orthogonal will be a “megazanthus” – a composite of anthology and magazine. Because this project is inspired by D.F. Lewis and his publication Nemonymous, all submission must be anonymous.


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I noticed this because I sometimes google the word ‘nemonymous’! 🙂
<<A new experimental publication called Orthogonal is seeking high-quality fiction stories. Orthogonal will be a “megazanthus”–a composite of anthology and magazine. Because this project is inspired by D.F. Lewis and his publication Nemonymous, all submission must be anonymous.>>
$100 payment per story

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Rhysop’s Fables (Part 4)

Gloomy Seahorse Press (2014)

Unhelpful and irresponsible fables for the modern age



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Dreams of Ourselves

Dreams of Ourselves


I have just received my purchased copy of this luxurious, richly artworked book…

288 pages – No. 31 of 110 numbered copies


Stories and novellas from Quentin S. Crisp, Jonathan Wood, Colin Insole, Andrew Condous, Mark Valentine, Damian Murphy, John Howard, Rhys Hughes, Adam S. Cantwell, D.P. Watt, Avalon Brantley.

Les Editions de L’Oubli XXXIV

Zagava / Ex Occidente Press

I am particularly intrigued by the prospect of this book as it seems to be operating a form of Nemonymity (author late-labelling) that was operated in NEMONYMOUS 2001 – 2010.

My previous reviews of this publisher’s books linked from HERE


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SF Signal

Why are anthologies important?
A huge blog issued yesterday.
Pleased with Jetse de Vries’ choosing, among others, the first five editions of ‘Nemonymous’. 🙂

2001 – 2005

Andy Cox (of Interzone and Black Static) was significantly involved with the design of these first five editions of Nemonymous, and Garry Nurrish also with the first two.

There was a print run of 500 for each of these editions, and they remain on sale at:

Can be signed by myself.

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Pointing to his blank story, proud it’s printed on real paper.


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