My Heretical Existence – Mark Samuels
This is a subject upon which I am the sole authority, for no one else has taken any interest in it.”
This Weird classic-honed tale is paradoxically both loose-limbed and hardening into a hardening traditional shape it can’t seem to shake off. It is ripe with a city that is capable of having parts that cannot be reached by any form of inn-toxicant or close reading.  Here we have this book’s ‘Adela’ (cf Aleda and Adele separately earlier) about whom our protagonist suffers unrequited love … as well that aforementioned ‘Terra Incognita’ now made patent, if echoic, archaic. I will need to let this potentially haunting tale steep and fecundate, to see if I, too, am infected by something I can’t shake off. A love of this author’s writing heretofore and towards a new beginning. Or simply a love of a memory.  And whether self-heresy is my own lot in the autumn of my life: an autumn beyond the reach of anyone younger than me, as their world closes in  on them all with an unwelcome hardening. and each of them think they’re alone or uniquely susceptible.  [The Child is Father of the Man (Wordsworth).] (20 June 2012 – 9.00 pm bst)


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