The WEIRD (44)

Real-Time Review continued from HERE.

The WEIRD: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories
Edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
First published in Great Britain 2011 by Corvus, an imprint of Atlantic Books Ltd.

3 Dec 11 – another 90 minutes later

Little Lambs – Stephen Graham Jones

And when it’s not winter, it’s winter.”

A simple prose of laconic, slightly off-kilter charm about a man whose wife has many names and a daughter in a photograph. He is one of those on watch. This (another amazing discovery of a) story tells (hauntingly, night-wiringly reminiscent of the Bob Leman and Robert Barbour Johnson stories in ‘The WEIRD’) of a large building ‘structure’ on which a watch is needed to be kept, a vigil – however many lightning rods it has –  i.e. a blueprint of a once prison (with its own cage-bars no doubt) that by wish-fulfilment of one prisoner (cf the Bixby story) has ceased to exist (killing the mind-perpetrator in mid-process with a falling part of the building!) except that, with this solid ghost structure, the watchers do their best to defeat any unexpected side-effects by means of the mimesis / chameleon powers of ‘The Weird’: constructing their own nearby rock-corridor fabrication (cf. an idealised ‘cage-gestalt’ of this book’s audit-trails or ley-lines, even string tags explicitly mentioned here).  It even has the Steve Duffy ‘not caught on a recording’ ploy. And it holds my own dismay at this whole book soon finishing (what will I do with my time?): “Because he’s afraid of the structure ever getting complete?” Another wonderful story.

Concluded as The WEIRD (45) HERE.

Index of this whole real-time review HERE.


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  1. Another example of The WEIRD’s heath-robinson ‘contraption’ theme?

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