John Fowles’ Quote

“The nemo is an evolutionary force, as necessary as the ego. The ego is certainty, what I am; the nemo is potentiality, what I am not. But instead of utilizing the nemo as we would utilize any other force, we allow ourselves to be terrified by it, as primitive man was terrified by lightning. We run screaming from this mysterious shape in the middle of our town, even though the real terror is not in itself, but in our terror at it.”
– John Fowles (from ‘The Necessity of Nemo’ in ‘The Aristos’ 1964)


Originally (in 2003) an attempt to hybridise ‘magazine’ and ‘anthology’

But a LHC retrocausal sabotage of a typo created megazanthus instead of magazanthus.

At the time I did not realise there was a plant called the megalanthus.

but then, later that year, this evolved…..

Megazanthus: Me-gaza-nth-us

Me: the cult of self – as denied by Nemo

Gaza: Eyeless In Gaza (as in Aldous Huxley)

nth: to the nth degree – symbolic of infinity

Us: the Jungian archetype of ourness and timelessness and collaboration and shared universes

Eyeless = I-less

“Eyeless in Gaza” are words quoted by Aldous Huxley for his novel title from John Milton’s ‘Samson Agonistes’. A dramatic poem where Samson (before or after bringing down the walls of literature (I’m not sure when) and having dealings with the god Dagon) is depilated by Dalila and he does say ‘Aye, lass’ in a plaintive, fateful tone – or words to that effect.
Actually, the poem is about the aftermath of similar events. Nemonic licence. Megazanthus Rest.

‘The Angel Megazanthus’ (aka Megazanthus Rex) is a character in my 2010 novel ‘Nemonymous Night’ (a 100k word novel that is based on my 2005 trilogy of ‘The Hawler’, ‘Klaxon City’ and ‘The Angel Megazanthus’ known collectively as ‘The Tenacity of Feathers’).

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1. Weirdmonger left…
Thursday, 1 July 2010 12:38 pm ::

This blog post is at least partly based on the original discussion thread at link immediately above.


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